FERS Survivor Benefits

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FERS Survivor Benefits & Options

Basic Employee Death Benefit

Active FERS Employees automatically have the Basic Employee Death Benefit as a part of their benefit package.  It is a lump sum payment (about $40,000 in 2024) plus 50% of the annual salary or average salary, whichever is greater.  In order to qualify for the Basic Employee Death Benefit, you have to:

  • Been employed as a FERS employee for over 18 months
  • You are married for at least 9 months or
  • The death was accidental or
  • There is a child born from the marriage

Survivor Option for Retirement

Depending on your family situation, you may be able to leave your FERS pension to different people in your life. Keep in mind that each option has a cost associated and will reduce your pension amount.  You want to consider your health, family dynamic and your overall financial health before making a decision. Once you decide on your survivor option, you may be able to elect a change before your retirement has been adjudicated by OPM.  After adjudication, you have 30 days to reduce a survivor benefit amount, or 18 months to increase the survivorship amount. 


Current Spouse

Your spouse has to the right to 50% of your pension if you were to predecease them. You can choose a lesser survivor option if you can get a notarized copy of their consent.  When each option, there is a cost associated.  The cost below highlights what your pension will be reduced by.


Previous Spouse

Your previous spouse may be eligible for the survivor option if there is a qualifying court order. However, these conditions still apply

  • You were married for at least 9 months
  • If the marriage was less than 30 years, they have not remarry before age 55


Children or Insurable Interest

You can choose an individual who would reasonably expect to derive financial benefit from your continued life.  While this is typically your spouse, it can be children, parents, siblings or other loved ones.  In order to select this option, you first have to prove to OPM that you are in good health.  Moreover, if the person is not your spouse, the cost of this survivor option can be extremely high.

Your pension reductions are as follows:


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