Federal Retirement Planning

Financial Advisor for Federal Employees

After helping Feds for 30+ years, we have seen a recurring theme: federal retirement planning is complex and confusing. Experts in the area are few and resources are scattered. When it comes time to fill out the Application for Immediate Retirement (SF-3107) federal employees can be left with an unsettling feeling that something has been missed or forgotten.

At PlanWell, our goal is to remove all of the noise and fluff from federal retirement planning. We have found that federal employees are wasting countless hours googling or attending webinars that cover information that is unrelated to their situation. That’s why we created a simple Federal Employees Process to help Feds retire confidently.

Choose a Federal Expert Financial Advisor

Knowlege of Your Federal Benefits

Financial Advisor

A ChFEBC will assist on recommending the optimal FERS decisions now and in preparation for retirement. A review of benefits ranging from TSP, FEHB, SRS, surivor benefits, FEGLI, and more.

Financial Advisors

Lacks the training or expertise in federal benefits. Potential to unknowingly make recommendations that lead to costly and irrevocable mistakes for you and your family.

Fed-Centric Planning

Federal benefits at the center of decision-making.  Focus on comprehensive financial planning and the “whole picture.” 

Relies on you for knowledge of federal benefits. The focus is primarily only on investments or annuity and insurance sales.

TSP Investment Management

Thoroughly understands TSP investment options, up-to-date on changes, and shares knowledge on the special rules that change with TSP at retirement.

Often, misinformed on TSP investment options, withdrawal strategies for retirees, and estate planning issues that are required to be prepared for before a federal retirement.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Holds professional designations that put the client’s best interest ahead of their own. The priority is your goals and what is best for you and your family.

Follows the suitability standard which may cause conflicts of interest in recommendations. There is a risk of recommending products that may not be in your best interest but offer a large commission to the advisor or firm.


Federal Retirement Planning Process

More information on how we help: Federal Employees Process


Discovery Meeting

Introductory meeting with a Financial Planner who specializes in federal retirement planning. Our goal is to understand what is most important to you and gain more insight into your federal service.


Financial Questionnaire

Our questionnaire reviews the 26 most important financial measures. It is crucial to gather a complete picture of your financial health. Absent information can lead to recommendations that are misguided.  


Goals & Getting Organized

We help gather your financial documents and information. We’ll meet to assess your financial situation, pose questions, and discuss where you want to grow.


Federal Benefits Report

Our team of ChFEBCs will create a custom, 22-page, report based on your federal service. We will review your numbers and provide guidance on opporutnties available and pitfalls to avoid. 


Deliver Your Action Items

A list of action items to consider in the short-term, long-term, and when important financial milestones occur. These action items help solve potential gaps in your financial plan.


Create a Financial Plan

Our team of CFP®s will build a custom financial plan based on your goals, values, risk tolerance, and more.


Investment Policy Statement

Investment goals and objectives specific to you. A formal agreement provides transparency and commitment for both parties.


Ongoing Reviews

Ongoing reviews to make sure you are on track with your financial goals and investments.

Federal Employee Financial Advisor

Your federal benefits are complicated and confusing. HR would be a logical place to start when seeking answers, however, it can prove to be an empty effort. HR has been tasked to assist with paperwork and not provide individual recommendations.

Often, we see federal employees attend retirement planning workshops that are packed with information that is irrelevant to your financial situation resulting in more confusion. You may have sought advice from a Financial Advisor, but they lack the training or expertise in retirement planning for federal employees. At worse, making recommendations that lead to costly and irrevocable mistakes for you and your family.

Our team of Federal Retirement Consultants have the experience and credentials to help lead you through a trusted retirement process that has been designed only for federal employees. Every client-facing Financial Planner is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBC).

You can learn more about our credentials here: The PlanWell Difference


Navigating Retirement Income

It is essential to prepare for ALL future retirement milestones. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to retirement income strategies. Our focus will be on: 

  • TSP Withdrawal Strategy
  • Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
  • When to Begin Social Security
  • Tax Strategy to Minimize Current and Future Taxes
  • Optimizing retirement distributions

Federal Retirement Consultants

Federal Benefits at the Center of Decision Making

At PlanWell, we will start by providing education on every benefit and option available to you with estimates that are specific to your federal service. After we have uncovered what your FERS retirement numbers look like, we will begin to work on completing the gaps in your retirement plan. Your federal benefits must be at the center of decision making when starting to plan for retirement. 


Financial Advisor for Federal Employees

A Certified Financial Planner for federal employees not only has the expertise and knowledge in the FERS system, but also the experience with integrating the federal and private side together into a cohesive retirement plan. Seeking advice from a professional that works with federal employees from time to time is not good enough. Over 90% of our clients are either active or retired feds. We are reviewing and staying up-to-date on the ever changing landscape in your world every day. 

When beginning to plan for that final day of submitting your Application for Immediate Retirement (SF-3107) we want you to feel confident you have squeezed every benefit available to you in the most optimal way. 

Retirement planning should start by understanding what benefits you are entitled to, your spouse, and how those benefits can change in retirement. There are thousands of combinations to choose from. It is crucial to make the correct decisions based on your unqiue financial situation.  

What the Federal Employee Benefits Report (FERS Retirement Estimate) covers.

Learn more how PlanWell’s Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultants (ChFEBC) and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER for federal employees help with federal retirement planning. 

Federal Retirement Consultants - Best Financial Advisors for Federal Employees

If you’re a federal employee seeking specialized financial guidance, it’s vital to find a federal employee financial advisor who understands your unique benefits. A financial advisor for federal government employees can help you navigate your retirement options and optimize your financial future. With a financial advisor federal employees trust, you can ensure your financial strategies are tailored to your specific needs and goals. We are a Certified Financial Planner for federale employees first.

At PlanWell, we are financial advisors specializing in federal employee. Finding the best financial advisors for federal employees is an important first step to financial freedom. A federal employee financial advisor near me can help you navigate your unique benefits and optimize your retirement plan. By choosing the best financial advisors for federal employees, you can ensure your financial strategies are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Financial Advisor Federal Employees - FERS Webinars

As a federal employee, navigating your unique benefits can be challenging. Choose a Federal Retirement Consultant. That’s why working with a federal employee financial advisor is essential. A financial advisor for federal government employees understands the intricacies of your retirement plans, health benefits, and investment options. Choosing a financial advisor federal employees trust means you’ll receive personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs and goals. With expert advice, you can optimize your financial future, make informed decisions, and ensure a comfortable retirement. Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize your FERS benefits—schedule a consultation with a federal specialized financial planning firm today.

Federal Employee Financial Advisor Near Me

Looking for a federal employee financial advisor near me? Our team of federal financial advisors serves federal employees at a national level. Secure your financial future with the expertise of a financial advisor for federal employees near you. Choose PlanWell Financial Planning and benefit from our experienced federal retirement planning specialists. Finding a financial advisor for federal employees who understands your unique benefits is crucial. A federal financial advisor can help you maximize your retirement and manage your finances effectively.

Financial Advisor for Federal Government Employees

At PlanWell, you can work with a financial advisor for federal employees who specializes in your benefits which is essential to federal retirement planning. A federal financial advisor ensures you maximize retirement and optimize your financial strategy. A federal financial advisor can help you maximize your retirement and manage your finances effectively. Federal Retirement Consultants will help to build your confidence when it comes to federal retirement planning.